Take your education one step further with our A-Level courses.

We offer a wide range of affordable, accessible A-Level courses, which you can browse below or see our 2017-2018 academic brochure.

Before enrolling on any of our A-Level courses, you should hold at least a grade B at GCSE in that subject. We also recommend if you do not hold a grade C or above in English and Mathematics at GCSE, that you enrol in those subjects before moving onto any others. If you haven't studied for some time, then it’s best to start with an AS-Level before progressing onto A-Level.

If you're unsure what route to take, our team of experienced education advisors are happy to chat you through the options. You can get in touch by emailing: education@ms-sc.org or calling us on: 0207 654 7050.

How do I enrol?

If you've made your decision and are ready to enrol, please fill out our enrolment form.

When completed, please send the form to education@ms-sc.org.  

How much will it cost?

The prices below are inclusive of the learning resource pack and proactive tutor support by distance learning, plus exam entry fee and arrangements to sit at sea, if appropriate.

Qualification and subject      Awarding    Full cost     RN/RM            RFA&RN
body                                          body                                                          spouse cost

AS Level Biology                         Edexcel        £332.45       £232.45             £166.23
AS Level Business                      AQA             £333.70       £233.70              £166.85
AS Level Economics                   AQA             £333.70       £233.70             £166.85
AS Level English                         AQA             £321.95       £221.95              £160.98
AS Level English Literature        AQA             £321.95       £221.95              £160.98
AS Level History                         AQA             £321.95       £221.95              £160.98
AS Level Law                              AQA             £333.70       £233.70             £166.85
AS Level Maths                          AQA             £333.70       £233.70             £166.85
AS Level Psychology                  AQA             £321.95       £221.95              £160.98
AS Level Sociology                     AQA             £321.95       £221.95              £160.98
A Level Biology                           Edexcel        £564.90      £414.90              £282.45
A Level Business                        AQA             £534.20      £384.20             £267.10
A Level Economics                     AQA             £534.20      £384.20             £267.10
A Level English                           AQA             £534.20      £384.20             £267.10
A Level English Literature          AQA             £534.20      £384.20             £267.10
A Level History                           AQA             £534.20      £384.20             £267.10
A Level Law                                AQA             £559.80      £409.80             £279.90
A Level Maths                            AQA             £559.80      £409.80             £279.90
A Level Psychology                    AQA             £534.20      £384.20             £267.10
A Level Sociology                       AQA             £534.20      £384.20             £267.10


Can I get help with the cost?

Royal Navy personnel can opt for our instalment payment plan option, which makes it easy to get started – we require just a 20% deposit and £20 fee. It may also be possible to save £175 on your course by applying for Standard Learning Credits. Contact your Learning and Development Centre for more information.

We also have a partnership with Greenwich Hospital, which allows Royal Naval officers an additional £100-£150 towards the cost of GCSE or A-Level study, all of which will help make studying that little bit more affordable.

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