English@Sea Plus launches

Posted on 3 August 2020 by Iffaf Khan

It is with very great pleasure that we announce the launch of English@Sea Plus.

By the end of this course, learners will have analysed and practised:

Understanding the main points of sentences.

Describing their experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions.

The most relevant grammar and vocabulary for fluent writing and speaking.

The course is jam-packed with audio and visual explanations.

We believe that ratings can increase their chances of getting promotions and getting into university if they can confidently use the grammar from this course. They can better prepare for international English language tests like IELTS and Marlins. . The online course allows those who understand some English to communicate more effectively by taking learners from CEFR A1 or A2  (IELTS 2 or 3) to CEFR B1 towards B2 (IELTS 5 or 6).

Seafarers can access it on their browser and as an app, on iOS and Android. After downloading the app, they won’t need a data connection until they want to download their certificate.

English@Sea Plus takes you to stage 3 of the four stages of your English language learning.

Stage 1

Unconscious Incompetence (UI) – you’re a complete beginner but perhaps because you watch a lot of Hollywood movies in English, you don’t know that you’re a complete beginner.

Stage 2

Conscious Incompetence (CI) – you’ve realised you’re a beginner and are trying to progress. That is when a seafarer should take our English@Sea course.

Stage 3

Conscious Competence (CC) – you still have to work hard to communicate, but you’re good at what you do. That is when the learner should take English@Sea Plus.

Stage 4

Unconscious Competence (UC) – you don’t think - you do.  You can explain what’s going on when questioned, but you don’t bother with thinking anymore – you flow – exist – own it! That is when a seafarer can do Project Management, Leadership, Management or any of our other @Sea courses.