Posted on 31 August 2018 by Ed Meens

Our summer 2018 GCSE and A Level results saw some outstanding achievements.

Our understanding of the seafarer’s way of life and our unique situation to enter students for GCSE/A level examinations wherever they find themselves at exam time shows our commitment to making sure they receive the very best support. This year’s results at GCSE and A Level demonstrate just how effective that support is.

Our GCSE/A Level courses offer an unmatched level of services with tutor support.

93.3% of our students sitting exams were Royal Navy/Royal Marines serving personnel or spouses and the remaining 6.7% serve with the RFA/Merchant Navy.

We ensured our students sat their exams on board ships or on RN/RM establishments in the UK or overseas.

How we help you to be where you want to be

- 100% of learners achieved passes at A Level, with 100% achieving A*- C grades.

- 100% of learners achieved passes at AS Level, with 100% achieving A*-B grades.

- 100% of learners achieved passes at GCSE, with 83% achieving A*- C grades.

No organisation has more experience in delivering learning at sea. We understand the difficulties seafarers face when studying at sea, and we know how important the quality of learning is to them.

“We have extensive experience of supporting seafarers through their personal and professional development. We understand the challenging situations in which they work and study. We adapt with the changing needs of our seafarers, further enhancing our support towards their studies.”

Carla Rockson
Head of Seafarer Education

Marine Society is the first in learning and professional development for seafarers, helping them to learn new skills, gain accredited qualifications and realise their full potential.

"For many years the Marine Society has successfully provided a bespoke service tailored to the needs of seafarers. We understand the invaluable service they provide and we do all in our power to give the support and encouragement to allow seafarers to fulfil their personal and professional potential."

Joan Pickering
Special Adviser, Quality Improvement