AS/A2 Level

You can enrol for an AS/A2 Level or full A Level.

If you haven't studied for some time we suggest you start with an AS Level.

  AS / A2   


Biology £232.45  



Business Studies

£217.10   £384.20  
Economics £217.10   £384.20  
English Language £217.10   £384.20  
English Literature £217.10   £384.20  
History £217.10   £384.20  
Law £217.10   £384.20  
Maths & Mechanics £223.20   £397.40   
Maths & Statistics £223.20   £397.40  
Pure Maths £223.20   £397.40  
Psychology £217.10   £384.20  
Sociology £217.10   £384.20  

Courses and Enroling


We offer a wide range of courses from life skills through to professional qualifications.

If you're unsure on what suits you best our team are happy to chat through your options. 


You can get in touch here or email us at: 


If you know the course you want to do then the easiest way to start is to complete our application form. When completed send the form to  

You can download our 2016/17 prospectus or request a copy.

Remember -it may be possible to recover a portion of your study costs with us through the Standard Learning Credit scheme.

If you're thinking of studying at A Level you should hold at least a Grade B at GCSE in that subject. If you do not have at least a grade C in English and Maths at GCSE we recommend you enrol in either or both of those subjects before moving on to others.

Our prices cover the learning resource pack and proactive tutor support by distance learning, plus exam entry fee and arrangements to sit at sea if appropriate. 

Through our partnership with Greenwich Hospital, you will receive an additional £100/£150 toward the cost of your GCSE/A level study, making your learning more affordable. 

Plus you could save a further £175 on your course by applying for Standard Learning Credits. Contact your Learning & Development Centre for more information. 

Marine Society ELCAS number is 1258.


IGCSE/GCSE Subject    
IGCSE Biology £334.30  
IGCSE Business Studies £334.30  
IGCSE Chemistry £334.30  
IGCSE Economics £334.30  
IGCSE English  £334.30  
IGCSE English Literature


IGCSE Geography


IGCSE History £334.30  
IGCSE Human Biology £334.30  
IGCSE Maths £334.30  
IGCSE Physics £334.30  

IGCSE Science Double Award


GCSE English Literature

GCSE Law £330  
GCSE Maths £326.60  
GCSE Psychology £328.70  
GCSE Religious Studies £326.60  
GCSE Sociology £328.70  
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