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Marine Society recognises the need for seafarers to be able to receive independent and impartial advice with their lifelong learning and educational needs, careers advice and continuing professional development.

We work with education providers, employers and professional organisations to obtain the best impartial information, advice and guidance that we can to assist you with your enquiries.

If you would like any information advice or guidance contact us.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone please call: 0207 654 7050

Our unique and tailored pathway helps you get the most out of your learning experience as you investigate your study options. The advice and guidance we give is free, confidential and comes with no commitment.

Our impartial service helps thousands of seafarers each year, it is quality recognised and is accredited to the quality Matrix Standard for information advice and guidance.

Please see our FAQs below. Click on the blue rectangular boxes to find the answer to each question. If you have any queries that are not covered, please contact our dedicated team on either or 0207 654 7050.

    • For seafaring qualifications, refer to our funding page for options available through the Marine Society (including JW Slater Scholarship) and the eligibility criteria.

    • If you are a British seafarer working abroad but normally resident in the UK  and hold a British passport, you can apply for funding.

    • Yes, we currently offer seven maritime and marine apprenticeships. We offer high quality training for commercial and non-commercial job roles within the maritime sector, across the country and specifically on the River Thames.

      Go to our apprenticeships page to find out more



    • For enquiries relating to higher education, including top up degree course please visit 

    • The Marine Society offers its very own digital library comprising thousands of titles in multiple languages. The library is available online or offline via the Digital Library app, which is available in Chromebook, iOS, Android and Windows 8&10.

      The library is available to both shipping companies to support their crew and to individuals. Go to our crew libraries page and click on our DL leaflet for more information on the library.


    • For enquiries relating to bursaries or financial support for further study please visit 

    • For enquiries relating to the JW Slater Scholarship or STCW professional qualifications please visit 

    • Our Learn@Sea platform offers a range of practical short courses that can help you to improve your knowledge and skills in a wide range of subjects that are maritime contextualised. Our award-winning apps can be studied anywhere at any time.

      For more information on how to subscribe and the list of courses please click here. 

    • Yes. With three clicks you can subscribe to any or all of our 15 Learn@Sea, bite-sized, portable courses.  Click here to see the full range of courses.

      Our award-winning content is designed to help you prepare for an exam or upskill.

    • This is a Diagnostic tool to help you identify strengths and weaknesses in core skills, focussing on numeracy and literacy. It comes free with your subscription to any Learn@Sea course. We recommend that you do this first. Click here to find it in your resources page.

    • Yes we do. Take your pick from our specialist courses and manage your stats with your own dashboard. Click here to purchase discounted Learn@Sea courses and find out about the different prices.

      Every member of your crew that you add gets free access to the Skills Radar and Modern Slavery@Sea courses. 

    • Yes, we offer a distance learning course : L3 Certificate in Maritime Studies. Click here for more information