Hanway Scholarship

Are you a seafarer needing to take qualifications essential to your work or professional development?

The Hanway Scholarship was created in memory of Jonas Hanway, one of the founders of the Marine Society, to support seafarers who need to take qualifications essential to work at sea or that contribute to their continuing professional development.

The scholarship is primarily aimed at seafarers who need to take qualifications essential to work at sea, to support seafarers with their continuing professional development where there is no support from their employer/ship owner, or for those who do not qualify for a Slater Scholarship

You'll get up to £500.

Eligibility: British seafarers, resident in the UK, 21 years old and over. Priority will be given to those who need to take a course that is essential to work at sea.

How to apply

You can download an application form and return it to us. Please include a narrative of your career to date, a CV and a reference to endorse your application. Contact us for more details.

Please return it to: Marine Society, 200b Lambeth Road, London SE1 7JW, or email: learning@ms-sc.org.

Please note: It is not policy to grant scholarships or loans retrospectively, i.e. if the course has already started, been completed and/or been paid for.