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2021: January, March


Careers at Sea and Ashore

 This interactive graphic provides a visual representation of the many routes at sea and ashore available in the maritime sector.


Career Transition Partnership 

Organisation that supports ex-servicemen and women to transition into civilian life. 


Commerical Shipping @ Shore

Commercial Shipping is designed to prepare you for a career in the shore based side of the shipping industry.

Having an understanding of the whole industry will set you up for a successful career in any of the paths you choose to go down within the industry.

Subscribe to the course here (FREE for Coming Ashore mentees)


CV Building

7 golden rules to make your CV stand out from the rest! 


Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers 

Professional accreditation and membership gained through achieving the Institute examinations that are held globally. Discounts on ICS books via the Marine Society online bookstore 


Lloyds Maritime Academy 

Provider of distance learning professional certificates and diplomas in maritime-related professions: 


Marine Society Bookstore

Category-specific reading lists for job sector roles within shoreside maritime

Cargo Handling
Law, Insurance & Economics
Maritime Business and Management
Maritime Safety and Security
Marine Surveying
Ship Construction, Naval Architecture
Ship Management


Maritime London 

Membership body for London-based firms in the maritime sector 


Maritime UK 

National membership body for maritime institutions and employers. Tasked with implementing the Government’s Maritime 2050 strategy