Our Coming Ashore programme is catered for you, whether you are looking to move your maritime career ashore or mentor a seafarer during this process. We can help reassure you that you have made the right decision coming to us.

There is no better evidence to prove the programmes success than the words of our very own mentees and mentors, who have experienced firsthand what the programme can do for them. Whether it is furthering a mentee's professional devlopment or enhancing a mentor's coaching skills.

Here are some comments we have recieved about the programme so far:


"I was paired with Mr Blum, who had a wealth of experience in the shoreside sector in which I wished to gain future employment - Dry-Bulk Commerical sector. Mr Blum, imparted some very valuable knowledge, which I took heed of, when reaching out to prospective employers. I was pleased to be offered employment for my intended role, within 3 weeks of embarking on the programme.
Once settled in the new role, I will study for ICS membership and continue to make use of Mr Blum's kind offer of continued mentorship."

- Matt Gormley (Coming Ashore mentee)


"I have just had my first session with Andy and with great joy told him that I accepted the offer of a shore position last night.
An opportunity presented itself and I was happy to find myself successful."

- Coming Ashore mentee


"This morning myself and Andy had our first meeting this morning and it went really well. Secondly I have secured a job with idwal marine which I start on Monday.
After previous discussion with Karen and Andy today, I am hopeful I can continue in the programme.
We have agreed to meet again on Friday to discuss how my first week went as potentially the role is just a stop gap while I decide which direction to move my career further."

- Coming Ashore mentee



"Coming ashore is a leap into the dark for most of us. It certainly was for me. It feels like there are jobs and opportunities out there but you have no access to them, nor much of an idea where or what they are.
The Marine Society's Coming Ashore program solves this problem but connecting those coming ashore to those who have already made the transition. That way, those coming ashore have the support, contacts and mentoring necessary to make their move ashore a great success"

- Paul Naranjo-Shepherd (Coming Ashore mentor)


As a mentor with the Coming Ashore project, I have been working with some great seafarers pondering their career paths. They are still loving the sea, but open to set a course for their career ahead. As part of that, I have been asked about my career, the choices I made and the chances I took...or even those I decided against.
One of the first discussions in my mentoring meetings has been about the path I have taken, what I have learned along it, and whether I would choose the same again. So, while helping others, it has been really useful for me to examine my own progress and route ahead. 
In talking about my career, I have seen that I was fortunate in unwittingly choosing a growth area and had set about trying to become an "expert" in that. As such, I was able to move into positions based on my growing footprint in a growth business. Always handy! So, I advise choosing an area of the industry or an issue that is genuinely of interests, and which mentees feel a sense of growth and potential.

- Steven Jones (Coming Ashore mentor)