Coming ashore

Marine Society already supports seafarers who want to stay at sea and progress their career. Now we have new funding to support those considering a career ashore. The new Coming Ashore project will fund professional guidance, mentoring and work experience opportunities for seafarers who are looking for a maritime profession on land.

The issue of poor support for seafarers after their sea career was first identified in the UK as part of Project Ulysses. The project identified help for seafarers coming ashore as a key recommendation and sought to understand the skills gap and educational needs for seafarers wanting to come ashore. Marine Society’s involvement in this area fits, with its mission to support the life-long learning needs of seafarers, at sea or coming ashore.

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The Coming Ashore programme's goal is to identify and address additional skills and experience seafarers needed when coming ashore and then providing a pathway to ensure they are suitably equipped. We have a number of industry professionals signed up as mentors, together with partner organisations who are providing a series of podcasts that explain the range of roles shoreside. The programme is open to all ranks and nationality.

Marine Society Director, Darrell Bate


Coming Ashore mentors

Coming Ashore mentors

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