Worcester Scholarship


It is with regret that we are not able to accept applications for the Worcester Scholarship until further notice

- Posted 18/10/21


Available to UK officers embarking upon qualifications that will help prepare for a broader career in the maritime sector.

The scholarships take their name from the succession of training ships moored at Greenhithe named HMS Worcester which, together with ancillary college facilities, provided the focus for pre-sea training for the sea services from 1862 to 1968.

The estate, latterly owned by the Marine Society, was sold in 1989. Part of the funds from the sale of assets are used to provide Worcester Scholarships.

The Worcester Scholarship is aimed at officers who wish to take academic qualifications such as a bachelors or master’s degree in Maritime Operations or Marine Engineering. In certain circumstances, it can be used for advanced professional qualifications where there is no support available anywhere else or for those who are overqualified for a JW Slater Scholarship.

You can receive up to £1000. The amount awarded depends on what you are studying and the cost. You may also be eligible for an Interest-free loan – please refer to the interest-free loans page.

Eligibility: British seafarers, resident in the UK, 21 years old and over. Priority is given to candidates who have accumulated sea time beyond their OOW certificate and except in special circumstances, not awarded to freshly qualified HND/OOW candidates. This can be awarded to those who want to study for their Chief Mates Unlimited.

How to apply

You can download an application form and return it to us. Please include a narrative of your career to date, a CV and a reference to endorse your application. Contact us for more details.

Please return it to Marine Society, 202 Lambeth Road, London SE1 7JW or email education@ms-sc.org.

Please note: It is not policy to grant scholarships or loans retrospectively, i.e. if the course has already started, been completed and/or been paid for.