What not to do whilst revising at sea

What not to do whilst revising at sea (Hint: You’re probably doing at least one)

Revising for exams is tough. Revising for exams on board a ship while doing a (more than) full-time job is seriously tough. There is a lot of information out there telling you what TO DO when revising, but not enough telling you what to avoid. So we thought it would be helpful to round up six of our top DON’TS when revising at sea:

Time is precious, particularly on a ship. Procrastination will rob you of the small amount of time you have to...

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Introducing Learn@Sea

Introducing Learn@Sea

We believe seafarers should have access to life enhancing education wherever they are in the world so have made some changes to our award winning learning platform to make it easier to use and better value for money.

Below we’ve outlined 3 major changes to our platform and would love to hear your thoughts.

How do you know what you should be studying if you don’t know where your weaknesses are?

We’ve created a diagnostic tool called Skills...

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