Challenges of online training

Posted on 4 June 2020 by Iffaf Khan

On 1 June, the Marine Society ran a webinar on the challenges of online training. MSSC Chief Executive Officer, Martin Coles, introduced the event and spoke about how, in a post-covid 19 world, organisations have had to adapt and refocus their training. He commented on how organisations now face the challenge of rapidly moving from face-to-face training to online training. Creating an infrastructure without prior planning and spending money on education technology might work in the short-term, but needs to change in the long term.

Our first guest speaker, Steven Gosling, Quality Assurance Manager for Videotel, spoke about why it is important to encourage seafarers to keep learning. He gave advice on why and how crew managers should encourage seafarers to keep learning during long passages at sea. He also spoke on how you adapt courses that normally require a face-to-face element.

Our second guest speaker, Nick Chubb, founder of Thetius, a technical research consultancy, addressed three challenges of online learning: the environment, accountability and allowances. He suggested that the physical environment, where you are learning, should be set up to make learning easier. Without being accountable to someone or to an organisation, you may find it more difficult to complete online or distance learning. Accountability and mentoring make a difference in success rates. He also stated that you need to give learners extra support and time to complete courses.

Members of the Marine Society spoke about our Learn@Sea platform, about IFAN (@sea project funders) and about learning via the Marine Society.

If you would like to see the Webinar in full or the short clips from our CEO and guest speakers please click here: