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Marine Society at Crew Connect Global 2018

Marine Society at Crew Connect Global 2018

Business Development Manager, Dean Ford, and Caroline Buckland, Book Services Manager, visited the Philippines at for Crew Connect Global 2018.

The conference and exhibition, held annually in Manila, is the most significant gathering of the global maritime personnel focusing on seafarer training, welfare and education. Our team were able to meet with senior industry leaders and influencers to demonstrate Marine Society digital products, such as Learn at Sea and the new Digital library.

Dean and Caroline also visited The Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, touring the facilities and speaking with key staff about their library supply.

Congratulations to our Prize Winners

Congratulations to our Prize Winners

Greenwich Hospital GCSE/A-Level Outstanding Achievement Award 

Lisa Horbury

Reiss Watson 

Open University Outstanding Achievement Award 

James Saven

Marine Society Lifelong and Outstanding Achievement Award 

Russell Potter 

JW Slater Outstanding Achievement Award

John Bacon

Jack Jones 

Thomas Gray Medal Award

Thomas Gray Medal Award

The Thomas Gray Memorial Trust was established in memory of Thomas Gray, a senior surveyor for the Board of Trade, who was particularly concerned with improving professionalism amongst seafarers, in the latter half of the nineteenth century. The award of the Thomas Gray Silver Medal is in recognition of exceptional deeds of merit at sea, including service to seafarers in the broadest sense.

This year’s award goes to John Howard, for his significant contribution to the safety of life at sea. Through the development of a worldwide recognised qualification, career pathway and creation of the international Jack up Barge Operators Association (IJUBOA). 

"Thank you for your warm congratulations. As I think you know, I was most humbled to receive this very prestigious award yesterday in the presence of such an esteemed gathering in the magnificence of Trinity House. What I wanted to say but my emotions failed me was that we who are passionate about the sea are also passionate about making the sea a safe place to work and play. What we have been able to achieve in this small corner of the maritime industry has only been possible because of the support of the MSA and its Board and the support and hard work of the IJUBOA Committee and STC Rotterdam. I am immensely proud to accept this award on behalf of all of these people as I feel certain that what has been created will contribute to saving lives around the world. Rather like those most prophetic words of Neil Armstrong when he took his first step on the Moon, I have been able to make a small contribution to SEP safety but it is a big step forward for this industry.

I can only say on behalf of IJUBOA thank you to all of you who have helped and encouraged us. This is what the MSA is about and it is doing a very fine job under the leadership of Bill Walworth. Finally I would like to convey my thanks in particular to Mark Windsor who has turned the spot light on the achievements of IJUBOA, and I know already from the support I have received today that the message I have been telling our industry for some time now will be heard in new places as well as being reinvented in those places that I have spoken to in the past".

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

On Wednesday 19th September, representatives past and present from the Marine Society and Sea Cadets attended a Gala Reception hosted by the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Guest speaker Sir David Attenborough OM FRS, Royal Museums Greenwich Honorary Commodore, opened four new galleries – Polar Worlds, Tudor and Stuart Seafarers, Pacific Encounters and Sea Things. MSSC staff (past and present) and Sea Cadets who attended were Mark Windsor, Carla Rockson, Joan Pickering, Nick Chubb, Harry Clark and Cathall Hegarty. Bill Collier, Anastasia Finch and Charles Woodward were not available to attend the event but were part of the project. Several months ago MSSC staff (some now past employees) were invited to be a part of the beachcombers project developed by the Royal Museums Greenwich. This was part of their exciting Endeavour Galleries Project to create four new galleries that would appeal to a wide range of people in order to make the museum more accessible, create community ownership, represent invisible history and more collaboration to create a social and inspiring place. MSSC staff were invited to be part of the Sea Things Gallery where visitors can explore, interact and find their own connection to the sea. During the development stages of the project, MSSC staff were invited to attend the museum to have their photographs taken with a wide variety of weird and wonderful artefacts related to the sea and give their thoughts on the object. These photos and comments are now part of an interactive display to support the objects being displayed in the gallery. The Museum invited MSSC to be a part of this project, recognising the important part we play and representation we have within the maritime industry and with communities and young people across the country. The event was well attended and everyone had a great time. The gala evening was opened by amazing Polynesian dancers, the Minister of Arts & Culture gave a speech and acknowledged the contribution of the Lottery Fund to the project and finally Sir David Attenborough gave a captivating speech to open the galleries. A fantastic time was had by all!!

Presentation to Education Officers at HMS Nelson

Presentation to Education Officers at HMS Nelson

On Tuesday 18th September, Carla Rockson and Joan Pickering were invited to give a presentation to the Royal Navy’s Learning and Development Operations Team. This Team promote learning and development opportunities to serving personnel whilst on duty by visiting ships and overseas locations. Our GCSEs and A Level offer are very popular and promoted well by the Education Officers, who are impressed by the fact that our learner is given quality academic and pastoral support, are heavily subsidised and that our exam results are excellent. They were impressed with the compact design of our latest 2018/19 brochure making it easier for them to take out to ships and is now being distributed to RN Learning and Development Centres around the country.

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